Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

•All exhibitors are required to carry their liability insurance. Any damage caused to the

venue, show management’s property, or other exhibitors, will be the financial

responsibility of the company that caused the damage. Any charges incurred will need

to be paid in full or you will not be allowed to exhibit at future shows.

The exhibitor is required to independently collect and report the applicable sales tax for

the state in which they are exhibiting. For additional details, kindly reach out to the

relevant state Department of Revenue.

•Unpacking or breakdown of booths will not be allowed before the close of the show.

Reefapalooza reserves the right to issue fines to any company that breaks down early.

The first time (at any show) will incur a warning. The second time (at any show) will

incur a fine of $500 per booth space. If the fine is not paid your company cannot come

back to exhibit unless the fine is paid. After the third occurrence, your company will not

be allowed to exhibit at future shows. We kindly request that vendors refrain from

breaking down their booths until the conclusion of the show at 6:00 pm. It is important to

ensure a fair experience for all attendees who have purchased tickets and anticipate the

presence of vendors until the end of the show.

Booth displays should not extend past the rented booth space. Nothing including but

not limited to clothing racks, or marketing materials of any kind in the aisles outside of

the booth space.

No decals or stickers are allowed on the floor, nor are light projections on the walls.

Booth signage should not overextended on the sides, or above the booth. Please note

that your display, including tents, must not exceed the dimensions of your allotted booth

space. For instance, if you have an 8’x10’ booth, it is not permissible to set up a 10’x10’

tent. Exhibitors who go beyond their designated booth space will receive a warning, and

if this happens again, they will be subject to a fine. If your display is taller than the 8-foot

backdrop, it is important to ensure that there is no branding on the backside. This

practice is considered unfair to the exhibitors located behind you, as it creates the

impression that their booth is connected to yours.

It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to properly dispose of saltwater in the designated

areas. Any exhibitor found disposing of water in an area that is not designated will be

subject to a fine, as well as any fines imposed by the event venue.

It is the responsibility of all companies to ensure that they remove all of their garbage

and displays from the showroom floor during the breakdown process. Please refrain

from leaving any garbage, displays, or other items at your booth. Kindly dispose of all

garbage in the designated dumpster. Please note that the Reefapalooza staff, hotel

staff, and expo company staff are not responsible for cleaning up after you. Any

company that fails to remove its garbage will be subject to a cleaning fee. We kindly

request that vendors take full responsibility for their garbage, as Reefapalooza will no

longer cover any additional cleaning fees.

Each booth is limited to one company only. Sharing booths with other companies is

not permitted. If a company wishes to share a booth, they must purchase a second

booth. Only one company name sign/banner is allowed per booth. Booths cannot betransferred to other exhibitors. It is strictly prohibited to extend displays or products

beyond the allocated booth space. These regulations will be strictly enforced.

In the event of a no-show by an exhibitor, any available booth will be returned to show

management. If you are interested in occupying a no-show booth, kindly inform show

management and we will inform you if there is an opportunity to acquire the additional

booth. All final determinations will be made by management.

Each booth space is provided with two exhibitor badges. An additional two exhibitor

badges can be obtained for a fee of $30.00 each. An additional two badges may be

obtained for $50.00 for a maximum of six total badges per booth space.

All exhibitors are required to wear the exhibitor wristband for the entire duration of the

three-day event. No wristband means no entry. Access to the show floor will be denied if

the wristband is not worn.

Reefapalooza staff will be conducting checks for wristbands and badges at each

entrance and while walking the floor. Lost or damaged wristbands will incur charges.

•Reefapalooza does provide security for all shows. However, you are ultimately

responsible for your merchandise, livestock, and cash banks. Reefapalooza and show

management will not be responsible for any personal losses.

The convention center does not provide wired and high-speed wireless internet access.

Please refer to Goben Convention Service's expo kit for the internet order form.

The selling of raffle tickets in booths or conducting private raffles is strictly prohibited

without prior approval from show management. For more details, please feel free to get

in touch with show management directly.

It is of utmost importance to prioritize the well-being and welfare of the fish, corals, and

invertebrates that you transport and sell at the show. Please ensure that all your

livestock is displayed in tanks equipped with appropriate water flow, temperature, and

lighting. Kindly note that Reefapalooza strictly prohibits the sale of animals in plastic

bags or cups, as well as selling them out of boxes or coolers. Failure to comply with

these guidelines will result in your exclusion from future shows.

•To ensure a smooth experience for all attendees, we kindly request that everyone

present either a badge or ticket upon entering the show. Vendors, please inform

customers who wish to make a purchase and return later for a pickup that they must

possess a ticket to gain entry. In the event that they do not have a ticket, they may

return for their pickups after 6:00 pm on either Saturday or Sunday. It is your

responsibility to plan accordingly for your own pickups and communicate this policy to

your employees. Please note that this policy is strictly enforced, and no exceptions will

be made.

Exhibitors are kindly reminded of their responsibility to maintain cleanliness in their

booth area and to handle the setup and breakdown of their booth space within the

designated time frame as outlined in this exhibitor package.

Reefapalooza retains the authority to relocate exhibitor booths in the event of Fire

Marshal regulations, expo company complications, venue changes, pandemics, or other

unforeseen circumstances. While it is improbable that such a relocation will transpire, if

it becomes necessary, we will make every effort to notify you well in advance. We

appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Hotel Room Scams

Please be advised that there have been reports of certain companies reaching out toindividuals via phone or email, claiming to offer discounted room rates. It is important to

note that most of these communications are fraudulent, and neither we nor the

designated hotels have any affiliation with these companies. In some cases, these

scammers may even falsely represent themselves as representatives of Reefapalooza.

We would like to clarify that the only individuals authorized to contact you on behalf of

Reefapalooza are Martha Pelaez, Lou Schiavo, and Victor Fornari. Furthermore, please

be aware that the official email address used by Reefapalooza is


We kindly request that our vendors adhere to our terms and conditions to facilitate a

seamless event. Any form of disrespect towards our staff members will not be tolerated.

In such cases, you may be asked to leave and may not be permitted to participate in

future exhibitions. Our primary focus is to guarantee a positive and pleasant experience

for all attendees at the show.